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To our visitors

Hours of operation 9:30am - 16:00pm
Holidays Monday
Summer holiday: Aug. 10~Aug. 20
New Year's holiday: Dec. 28~Jan. 5
Reservations You need a reservation for a guided tour
Exceptions: Saturday, Sunday, holidays and New Year's holidays (Dec. 29 - Jan. 3)
Weekdays (Mon - Fri) from 9:00 am to 17:00 pm
*At times we may not be able to accommodate with your requests because we have limited capacity. Thank you for understanding.
Contact Nagashima Aisei-en Historical Museum
Direct in: 0869-25-2212 (inner line541)
Phone: 0869-25-0321 (general)
Fax: 0869-25-1762


[For access by car]
Go down the Okayama Blue Line to Mushiage Interchange. Then turn right and follow the road signs. You will arrive at Nagashima Aisei-en via the Oku Nagashima Bridge, past Oku Komyo-en. From the Mushiage IC to Aisei-en is about 5 km and takes about 10 minutes.
[For train and bus travel]
Take the JR Ako line from Okayama station to Oku station. The travel time is around 22~28 minutes.
Take the Setouchi City Bus from Oku station to the Nagashima Aisei-en. The bus ride is 47 minutes.
*Please click here (Setouchi City Bus) for the details.
[Small taxi (This is an estimated.)]
From Okayama station to Nagashima Aisei-en: 38 km, 55 minutes, 9,000 yen
From Oku station to Nsgashima Aisei-en: 2 5km, 25 minutes, 4,400 yen
From Semizo to Nagashima Aisei-en: 5 km, 10 minutes, 1,600 yen
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