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Moral teaching materials

A half-life of Shinji Nakao, president of Nagashima Aiseien Residents' Association, edited as a moral teaching material. Please use it in your classes.
*It is free to use, but please let us know if you would like to use it.

Lecture visit

Lecture visit

We can provide a specialist from our historical museum to visit your location and give a lecture. The main targets for this lecture would be those who are just beginning to learn about the problems of Hansen's disease. There is no charge for the lecture but we do request that you pay the transportation costs. We also may not be able to fit your schedule due to tours and duties at Nagashima Aisei-en itself.

Panel and DVD rental

Nagashima Aiseien history museum offers panels exhibitions and DVD rental for Hansen's disease education.
The available exhibits are listed below.

Basic panel
Number of panel: 8(A1 size)
case size:700mm * 930mm * 150mm
content: A panel explaining the Hansen's disease problem and Nagashima Aisei-en
Planning Panel
Number of panel: 3(A1 size W1260×H1180)
case size: 1300mm * 1350mm * 120mm
content: Panels from an exhibition held at the Nagashima Aisei-en History Museum, edited for lending.
Types of Exhibitions:
* Children of Nozomigaoka
* A line of sight over a 10 tsubo house
* Niirada - Memory of youth
*The World as Seen by Mieko Kamiya
* A scene over Nagashima Island
Photo panel
Number of panel: 45(B3 size)
A panel showing the state of the former garden.
**Please contact us for shipping.

There is no charge for rental, but we do ask that you pay postage for the DVD. Rental is provided on a first-come-first-served basis.

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