Study tour

Tour for individual visitors

By following the suggested course you can guide yourself.

Group Tours

We provide tours led by a curator or volunteer at the Historical Museum
*A group is more than 10 people.

Accommodation training

Please check the following website for information on overnight training at Mutsumi Koryukan.

Inquiries by email

If you have any questions, please use the form below.
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Suggested tour course

A: Regular tour

Historical museum tour / Historic guide tour, Historical museum tour / Historic guide tour

It is possible to schedule these any time after 9:30 am.

B: Including survivor testimony

1) Historical museum (1 hour)
After viewing the videos in the first room, you can tour the museum.
2) Historic Walking Tour (1 hour)
Take Historic Walking Tour around the island (Landing, Admissions Ward, Jail, Mejiro Dormitory, Ossuary)
3) Survivor testimony (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. about Twice a month. about 1 hour)Succession lecture by curator(Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. about 1 hour). **Accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.(After January 1, 2020)
Reservations are required for both 1) the Historical museum, and 2) the Historic Walking Tour. When these activities finish, we will arrange for you to listen to survivor testimony or Succession lecture by curator.
Please understand that scheduling depends upon the health of the volunteers, and the schedule may be subject to change.
Historical museum tour / Historic guide tour / survivor testimony, Historical museum tour / Historic guide tour / lunch / survivor testimony

Introduction of the Facilities

markerYou can see an explanation of each building by clicking on the markers on the map.

A study tour of historic walking tour can be done by walking from the historical museum to ①②③④⑤. (45 min per km)

The Interior of the Kaishun Dormitory (Admissions Ward) ―Google indoor view―

Survivor Activities

We will offer survivor testimony only during the afternoons on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Reservations are required a week prior to your visit. Please understand that scheduling of survivors depends upon their health.

Tips for Using the Hiking Course

We have a path along the eastern part of Nagashima Aisei-en (total length, about 4 km).
It is in good condition as a hiking course, and since May 2015 we have used it as part of the Walking Tour.
You can experience life in the sanitarium in the past by visiting the markers along the path and near farmland reclaimed by residents.
*Please apply at the historical museum or the main office building to use the hiking course.
*The hiking course is not paved. We recommend that you equip yourself properly.

For more details, please click here (PDF)

Tips for Using a Bicycle for the Tour

We offer a bicycle rental service. We have three electrical assist bicycles that help you tour the vast interior of the island.
*Please apply at the historical museum or the main office building to rent a bicycle.

For more details, please click here(PDF).

For tour coordinators

  1. When you make a reservation, the tour coordinator must make the request themselves and not go through an agency.
  2. Stay within the reservation time. Please contact us if you are going to be late.
  3. If you plan to do prior studying, you can borrow related pamphlets and DVDs from our facilities.
  4. Please use the toilet before you visit our museum, because the number of toilets we have is limited.
  5. Those who smell of alcohol or engage in rowdy behavior will be asked to leave the tour.
  6. The months between June and December are an extremely busy time. Please make your reservation early to ensure your place.

About reservations

Please apply as follows.

For individual visitors

Please make a reservation prior to your visit by filling out the inquiry form or calling.

About the study tour at Aiseien
About the study tour at AiseienAbout the study tour at Aiseien(japanese) Microsoft Word 43KB

For Group Tours

Please download the data below and apply.If you have booked a tour with accommodation, please submit both of the following application forms.

Things to be aware of about making your reservation and coming to Aisei-en:
On Study Tours of Aisei-enDownload the Word file, "On Study Tours of Aisei-en" (26.5 KB).
Tour application:
ApplicationDownload the Word file, "Application" (40 KB)

Inquiries by email

If you have any questions, please use the form below.
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